How To Use KS (SEO Keywords Suggester)

KS (SEO Keywords Suggester) – is a simple timesaving tool, which speeds up the routine work of finding long tail keywords for your website pages.

When Google indexes your site's pages, it understands with artificial intelligence technologies what they are about and what benefits they can bring to users. Therefore, pages can be displayed in search results in response to keywords that you did not even think about. All this valuable information is available in your Google Search Console account, but access to it is not obvious. KS (SEO Keywords Suggester) is made to provide the access to this information quick, simple and clear.

There is few simple steps to reach more organic traffic:
  • Verify your site with Google (see instructions).
  • After adding KS (SEO Keywords Suggester) to your Shopify store, you should connect it with your Google Search Console account, containing your site previously added and approved.
  • If there is enough data, you would immediately see the pages of your site that have promising keywords.
  • To see the keywords you should click on the button near the page URL. You can use these keywords to improve this page content or create new pages basing on them.
  • Otherwise, if there is not enough data in your Google Search Console, you would see the message “No Suggestions”, which means that KS (SEO Keywords Suggester) didn’t find the keywords to improve. You should use it when your site already have organic traffic from Google – from 3 000 users per month.
  • If you see the message “Fail”, it means, you trying to connect KS (SEO Keywords Suggester) with Google Search Console account that not contains your site added. You should add and approve it to this account or choose another Google Search Console account.

If you see some errors that not described above or you have any questions about KS (SEO Keywords Suggester) work, please, let us know by email. We'd be happy to help!